Experience And Innovation In Land Use And Zoning

Endeavoring to fulfill your aspirations and hopes for your property through the maze of agency regulations and statutes is complex. Let me guide you through the process to protect and enhance your interests.

With deep understanding of property and land use challenges, I can assist you in development and defense of property interests. With more than two decades of experience in the field, I can help you navigate the complex realm of land use and zoning law.

Shaping Possibilities – Planning With Precision

A land use application should be a catalyst for careful consideration of the effects—social, environmental, economic—of a project. My approach is comprehensive, collaborative and detailed. I work with you and consultants to assess project impacts and to protect and enhance your interests.

Navigating The Administrative Terrain

Land use starts with administrative agencies–local, state or federal, under the umbrella of “administrative law.” That law is grounded in detailed regulations and procedures exercised by land use and environmental agencies in local, state and federal governments. Court reviews of agency decisions are governed by specialized rules of administrative appeals. 

I have extensive experience in such agencies and courts. I advocate zealously for your cause, to ensure that a project aligns seamlessly with pertinent regulations and laws and your interests are secured.

Geo-Centric Excellence

My firm will serve your needs throughout Connecticut. This state has invaluable resources in land, communities and people. The use, protection and enhancement of those resources demand excellence. My commitment to you is to that standard.  

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