Land Use And Environmental Law: Challenges And Opportunities

Navigating the intersection of property rights, land use and environmental challenges requires a seasoned guide. I am attorney Philip N. Walker and I have the skill, knowledge and experience to navigate through the intricate maze of land use, environmental, natural resource and property regulations, statutes and rights.

Reimagining Possibilities

With over 25 years of hands-on experience as the attorney at the Law Office of Philip N. Walker, I am well-versed in laws of land use, environment and property rights. My commitment goes beyond traditional legal counsel. Through collaboration with clients and their consultants, I can help to create fair and practicable solutions to land use and environmental puzzles.

Environmental Law, Land Use And Zoning For A Sustainable Tomorrow

Whether large or small, zoning and land use matters have environmental impacts. Any project will affect natural resources and both built and social environments. I examine the facts and relevant laws to represent my clients. I seek to prevent avoidable harm to those interests, to mitigate unavoidable harms and to secure my clients’ interests.

Strategic Geo-Centric Approach

My work has taken me to all corners of Connecticut. I have brought together land use and environmental law experience in advocacy for my clients in projects large and small. I strive for fair, just and sustainable results.

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